Does the Ab Wheel Really Work?

An ab wheel is probably one of the cheapest exercise equipment around. A plastic one costs around $10 while the more expensive ones cost from twenty to thirty dollars. Ab wheels consist of a single wheel that spins on an axle. The axle extends out on either side of the wheel and serves as a handlebar. The ab wheel is designed to enhance the abdominal muscles and the big question is: Does it really work?

Before answering that question, let’s see first how the ab wheel works. The basic exercise is very simple. You kneel on the floor with the ab wheel while grasping the handlebar in front of you with both hands. Roll out until you are fully stretched and then roll back.

As simple as it sounds, this exercise is difficult for most beginners. It works out your abs, arms, shoulders and back. You have to contract your abs the whole time to maintain proper posture.

So, does the ab wheel really work? The simple, straightforward answer to this question is yes. The ab wheel is one of the best exercise devices you can use to strengthen your core. Keep in mind that the main function of your abs is to stabilize your body. Your abs hold your core in place and keep you stable while you perform different movements such as throwing a ball, standing on one foot, reaching over your head, etc. With the ab wheel, you have to support your whole body weight while you roll out. This forces your abs to work as a core stabilizer.

A lot of people are under the impression that the ab wheel is used to develop six-pack abs. While it is true that you can tone your abdominal muscles with this device, the ab wheel alone will not be able to give you ripped abs. A sensible diet and cardio exercise are necessary if your goal is to have six-pack abs.

Fitness experts advise that you should strengthen your lower back muscles first before attempting to use the ab wheel, especially if you lead a sedentary lifestyle. Weight training can help you develop your lower back muscles and get you ready to work out on the ab wheel. In fact, experts agree that beginners will find working out on an ab wheel to be extremely challenging.

For the ab wheel to really work for you, start with exercises that match your fitness level. Roll out only as far as you can control the wheel. Start with less range of motion until your abs are strong enough and you have mastered the form.



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